Welcome! Farella’s Privacy Blog provides comments and insights on issues of importance to anyone interested in or subject to the various data collection and protection legislation—a continuously expanding web of legislation from state, federal, and foreign jurisdictions. Farella represents companies in connection with their compliance obligations, and also in disputes that arise through administrative enforcement and private actions. As such, we will present the issues from that perspective. We won’t claim to be neutral in that respect, but we hope that everyone—data protection professionals, administrators, and even those representing private claimants—will find our take on these issues to be interesting and informative, and perhaps evoke the need to comment and engage with the content.

From the enforcement arising from recent legislation, such as the GDPR and the CCPA, to expected similar state legislation and even a potential federal law, we expect to see a constantly changing privacy landscape in the near term. All of this new legislation will leave various questions open that can only be answered through practice. This blog will discuss briefly some of these issues, and highlight some practical ideas about how to deal with them. We expect to alert you to new legislation and cases, to practical problems we all encounter, to industry developments, and provide practical guidance on the issues you are grappling with on a daily basis, just as we are.